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About Mikoya’s Vanilla Essence

Vanilla Beans

Vanilla is a fruit.

Far away in Madagascar, Vanilla beans are harvested handmade one by one.This scent currently widely loved by people all over the world,spread about 480 years ago in Europe.During the Mexico expedition the general (HERUNAN CORTEZ) of Spain met with a drink called "chocolate",which was a drink made from the powder of the sheath of a vanilla bean and honey added to corn powder and cocoa powder. Since the taste was very sweet and delicious, the general brought some vanilla back to Spain. It is said that the history of vanilla began from here.
The sweet scent not only controlled the bitterness of chocolate, but was also filled with the soft sweet taste that nobody had ever tasted before.

Comparing to present time methods, although the process of those days was inexperienced, the conditions of good vanilla have not been changed for a long time.
Vanilla must be natural.
When considering vanilla as a fruit, adhering to natural products makes sense, just as like an orange or an apple.
The sheath of the vanilla, which basked in a solar light, contains the fascinating color and the soft sweet scent.

Production of Vanilla Beans and Factory Shipment

  • Vanilla is said to grow up only in the characteristic climate accompanied by heat and humidity. The vanilla from Madagascar forms about 60% of the world demand now. We (MIKOYA KOSHO) have imported mainly the genuine vanilla beans which cleared the especially severe basis of selection from Madagascar, which is most preferred all over the world.
  • Vanilla is a fruit shaped like a sheath belonging to the orchid family. Although in Spanish vanilla means "a small sheath", high-quality vanilla is far away than "a small sheath". A sheathlengthened
    puffery is said to be high-quality vanilla. I t adheres to the production of a highest-class scent from choosing the best material first. Using only these vanilla, this means the vanilla of MIKOYA is different from the beginning.
  • What is waiting for the harvested vanilla is the manufacturing process called curing. 80% of the moisture included in the vanilla is removed here. The future scent of the vanilla will be decided at this time by the right and wrong of this processing. In MIKOYA KOSHO, we only deal with the vanilla carefully cured over for many days and many months.

True vanilla is alive.

With an elegant appearance, vanilla emits a fascinating light also similar to the chocolate color.
This fruit that naturally had skillful green seeds, changes its appearance to emit that soft sweet scan. It takes about 4 years until it is able to gather a harvest from the plant. The cultivated vanilla which time and effort was
spent, will be born again to a new figure after applying more time and further effort. This creates that sweet scent.

Curing is the process, which extracts all the excessive moisture from the vanilla. Vanilla was waiting for this very instant. Now vanilla steps toward one step to becoming a flavor from here. The vanilla which curing process is finished in the nature country is carried into the factory of MIKOYA KOSHO,
where the extraction process starts.

Pulling out the maximum extent of the great natural material…
When that sweet scent surrounds the atmosphere, that is that moment when vanilla will truly be born.
In this way, vanilla creates a new life.
True vanilla is alive. After being born until it reaches a table.
The scent is born for the taste.

We MIKOYA KOSHO, continue adhering to authentic natural materials from now on and forever.

Plant and Equipment

  • We are proud to introduce the Fujioka factory, which has preeminent productive capacity and advanced technology. Here, about 1000kg of pure natural vanilla essence is manufactured at 1 time per process.
  • Under the severe health administration we will strive for the production of scents that are 100% safe for our customers.
  • Before entering production space, workers take following steps: clean roller, washing hands, disinfection, and air shower.
  • We have kneaders ranging from 110? to 600? and they enable low to high-volume production.
  • Turn flavor into a fine mist and then instantaneously form powder by sprayed into hot air.
  • Heat products to 100C? under pressure, then churn and sterilize them.
  • Fabricated products are carefully sterilized.
  • The vacuum caldron, which removes impurities and refines pure vanilla tincture. Furthermore, using the concentration equipment vanilla oleoresin and vanilla water are removed very efficiently.
  • Fujioka factory is fully equipped with seven vertically standing cylinder type tanks. Here natural vanilla is preserved in alcohol, and vanilla tincture is extracted slowly, which takes a long time.

About Vanilla Essence

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